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Panelist Bios

Paul Coady - Singer/Songwriter, Chief Inhabitant of Loud Cottage Studios. Has worked for 20 years in Chicago's non-profit sector, split pretty evenly between media arts organizations and professional associations. Started the Loud Cottage Podcast because he thinks, with shorter attention spans and the purposefully polarizing antics of some media organizations, that the lively art of reasonable conversation has been lost.




Josh Russell - Marketing Executive and Man's Man. Josh works in the auto parts industry and is a familair face on the Indy and NASCAR circuits. He'll race anything that has a motor. He is a member of the Chrome Czars Motor Club and Hot Rod TV once accurately dubbed Josh "The Arbiter of Cool." Father to two wise-acre kids, Ava and Garrett.




Cat Olney - Comedian and IT Professional. Has told some of the most shocking jokes we at Loud Cottage have ever heard. A hard rock fan whose gruff exterior is completely wiped away by his daughters Evelyn and Gwendolyn.


Mike Bennett - Public Defender by day, sports fan, music critic and host of CHIRP Radio's Saturday Morning Show by other days. Knowledgeable, opinionated and willing to travel great distances to see the music he loves.



Tom Gardner - Muckety Muck in the adult beverage industry and food enthusiast. Leader of the long running idiosyncratic pop band, The Hungries. Referred to by his friends as "The Chairman."



Melanie Budd - Singer/Songwriter who recently released the critically acclaimed "Beyond the Trees" CD. Can also be seen performing with a variety of folks including No Hero, Brad Cole and Dan Connelly.

Kathy Greenholdt - Singer/Songwriter who has released four CDs, most recently "Lowly Violet." She is currently working on her fifth CD, "When You're Dead." Has also been known to sing with Tom Recht's "100% Sunshine."

Bernie Navarro - Ukelele Player and general Ambassador of cool feelings. Always seems to be working on something cool and looking at the positive things in life.




John Kuczaj - Songwriter (Atomic Shop) and booking agent for the weekly acoustic music showcase, Acoustic Explosion. Acoustic Explosion is every Monday evening at Silvie's Lounge.



Joe Klapka - Certified Public Accountant, Drummer and Curmudgeon. Joe has an amazing knowledge of sketch comedy and oddball rock-n-roll.



Scott Niekelski - Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter for the Chicago-based rock band Go Time!




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