Loud Cottage

Loud Cottage Podcast #1 - August, 2011
Paul is joined by Josh Russell and Cat Olney for a discussion of parenting and technology issues in today's culture.

Loud Cottage Podcast #2 - September, 2011
Paul discusses craft beers and the NW Chicago BBQ Fest with Tom Gardner and gets a preview of the Hunnert Car Pileup from Josh Russell.

Loud Cottage Podcast #3 - October, 2011
Paul is joined by songwriters Melanie Budd and Kathy Greenholdt as well as ukelele player Bernie Navarro for a fun discussion of music and The Old Town School of Folk Music.

Loud Cottage Podcast #4 - November 2011
Paul is joined by John Kuczaj, singer, songwriter, show promoter, booking agent, game show contestant and all around good guy.

Loud Cottage Podcast #5 - December 2011

A discussion with Mike Bennett of CHIRP Radio about CHIRP and the music of 2011. Also a discussion of "New Music for Old Folks," new, relevant artist who can get middle aged folks back into rock-n-roll.

Loud Cottage Podcast #6 - January 2012
Joe Klapka, CPA and Rock-N-Roll Drummer, joins Paul to discuss TAXES! That's right TAXES!

Loud Cottage Podcast #7 - March 2013
Scott Niekelski stops by to talk about all things Go Time! Plus previews of the new CDs by Go Time, Kathy Greenholdt and Paul Coady

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